Construction, production and assembly
single-purpose machinery

BEHR CZECH s.r.o. Mnichovo Hradiště

Cooler mounting kit Kamaz.

   2 stations for mounting the radiator Kamaz (final beneficiary of the Behr-Rus contract, Sankt Peterburk). Frame adjustable according to radiator dimensions, rotable about a horizontal axis with a pneumatic disc brake, for attaching the Atlas Copco pneumatic screwdrivers.

Constellium Extrusions Děčín s.r.o.

Manipulator with conveyors to control aluminum sticks by ultrasonic.

   Manipulator with conveyors for ultrasonic inspection of aluminum sticks in a water bath. The stainless steel tubing in the steel frame ensures the rotation of the aluminum ingots in the water bath, ultrasonic probes mounted on the mobile portal. A manipulator for removing aluminum sticks from the lower conveyor to the tub is set above the bathtub, ultrasonic inspection of the stick on the upper conveyor, 2D code offset, and moving to the next workplace. Internal defects are stored in a database for individual sticks. At the next workstation, the 2D handwritten reader reads on the sticks and defects are further processed.

Eris s.r.o. Nový Bor

Glass melting machine (polisher).

   The workplace serves to melt sharp edges of glass crown. It is equipped with automatic loader and automatic unloading mechanism.

Grupo Antolin s r.o.

Machine for Cutting Holes in the Headliner.

   The station is designed for punching the necessary holes in automobile headliner. It is applicable to multiple types of headliners. Cutting mechanisms are driven pneumatically. Parts loading station and unloading is done manually.

Gumotex automotive s.r.o. Břeclav

Sun visor assembly line.

   The line serves to assemble front and side sun screens including final control with moments and angles. The measurement values are stored in the database. The line is operated by two operators. Two Fanuc Robots, Lubricating Lubricants, Omron Camera for Completeness and Color Control, Leonardo Laser Marking Finish, Bosch Conveyor System with Pallets are used.

Knauf Insulation spol. s r.o. Krupka

Conveyors with transition chamber.

   A contract consisting of internal roller conveyors with the possibility of opening one part of the conveyor for passage, a transition chamber in the inner and outer doors, an outdoor rotary station,     external roller conveyors connected to a gravity roller conveyor. Conveyors are used to transport finished goods placed on euro pallets from inside to indoor covered areas.

Knauf Insulation spol. s r.o. Krupka

Upper retaining conveyor.

   Upper retaining conveyors. Existing conveyor lines have been completed with top conveyor conveyors used to transport plates to prevent them from getting ripped off. Conveyors are height-adjustable by means of mechanical transmission with el. engine. The speed of the holding conveyors is aligned with existing conveyors via Siemens frequency inverters, control has been incorporated into the line program.

Magna Exteriors & Interiors (Bohemia) s.r.o. Liberec

Tank lid mounting machine.

   Mounting device - Škoda fuel tank lid module. Equipment for the assembly module including camera control inspector from Sick.

1. Private Driving School in Jihlava.

Skid platform.

   The Skid platform has the task of deflecting the wheels of the rear axle when the vehicle is crossed over the platform, thereby causing the vehicle to slip. The power of the platform is derived from a mechanical drive. Maximum inbound speed 35 km / h, maximum vehicle weight 3500 kg, automatic start-up depending on vehicle speed, skipping only one side. Electric drives from Nord, Sick sensors, Siemens control, hot galvanized design.
   New solution of another realized skid platform - maximum approach speed of 60 km / h, maximum weight of vehicle 5000 kg, induction of skid on both sides, management from Omron.

Tenos s.r.o. Kamenický Šenov

Robotic workstation for 3D / 2D laser cutting.

   The device is intended for machining of metal parts by laser. The part is held in the cutting of which holds the robot.    In the part of the robot is held by pneumatic suction cups or grippers. The operator removes the finished parts and places the workpieces in the preparation     on a rotating table. The rotary table is two-point. On the other side of the table, the robot removes the parts from the product and returns the finished parts to it.

Tomatex a.s. Otrokovice

Stapler upholstery arm rests.

   Robotic workstation for attaching the rear and front armrest decorations. Robotic workstation includes ABB robot, Bea stapler, Stasto rotary table. The workplace is soundproofed. Single-operator service.

TRW czech Frýdlant

Unit for testing and running engines.

   Unit for testing carbon and running engines. The original workplace (see figure on the left) allowed to measure only current and voltage. A new workplace (middle and right photo) allows you to test five engines independently, controlling, including visualizing the progress of the measurement over the PC. Possibility to set the start-up phase (voltage increase over time), the length of the measured phase at the given voltage, after completion of the current-time visualization test against the set limits. Regulated switching power supplies Axima (5 pcs.), VUD shunts.

TRW czech Frýdlant

Refurbishing EOL device tester.

   Innovation of the final test device. From the original device (see the first two photos at the top left) a frame, a horizontal travel bed, a swing arm with an attachment, a cooling unit for hydraulics are used. A new hydraulic unit with proportional valves from Chvalis, Siemens actuators, HBM strain gauges. New wiring, control via PLC and PC, visualization and evaluation of measurements via PC.

Aktivit s.r.o. Nový Bor

Manipulator with crankshaft conveyor.

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