Construction, production and assembly
single-purpose machinery

   About us

   We are a customer-oriented company with the aim to provide our customers with complex services in the field of new product development: marketing study - development, manufacture and prototype testing - production preparation and launch.

   The activities of our company include also the development and manufacture of single-purpose machinery and equipment, assembly and commissioning in customer’s plant and the after-sales servicing. The scope of our manufacturing capabilities ranges from simple fixtures and handlers, through more complex assembly and robotic production lines and their components to technically and technologically advanced single-purpose machines and systems.

    Our products give our customers a considerable added value and also a powerful tool to establish themselves in the market and outperform their competitors. They bring new ideas and innovations as well as new ways for solving problems in design and manufacture, i.e. everything our customers need to succeed in the constantly changing and developing markets where new ideas, higher quality, speed and best price are the key factors of success.

   For our own development we mainly use Solid Edge and Pro/Engineer CAD systems which are the technologies our management has chosen based on many years of experience. They give us an excellent freedom and ability to reach the peak productivity at initial designing and especially preparing variants and modifications. With the help of these systems and our creative and technically advanced and experienced team of designers, Q-PLUS is able to meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers, in terms of lead times and quality of their projects.

   In the equipment supplied by our company we use components of reputable brands, including but not limited to premium-quality aluminum profiles by ALVÁRIS and HABERKORN, pneumatic components by FESTO, electronic intelligent sensors by SICK, control units by SIEMENS and OMRON or industrial robots by ABB and FANUC.

   Since 2013 our company disposes of the 3-axis CNC machining center HURCO VM2, that helped us to considerably improve the speed and especially the preciseness of the manufacture of individual job-orders. The CNC machining center is programmed using RhinoCAM 2012, cam system that perfectly cooperates with both CAD systems. Thus we are able to manufacture even the relatively complex shapes efficiently and at the required accuracy.

   Subject to our free capacity and mutual agreement, we can offer you the manufacture of machined parts including 3D shapes based on your specific requirements / according to your documentation.

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